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Our Nickel Free D-ring belts have far exceeded our sales expectations! What is it about this belt that has it in such demand? Is it the four sizes that almost certainly guarantee a perfect fit with the easy stainless steel D-ring closure?  Is it the fact that these belts are handmade in the USA and are a great value?  We are sure the main reason these belts are so popular is they are Certified Nickel Freeā„¢ and are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel.  We also know that these belts are perfect for summer wear for men, women, or teens to pair with shorts, jeans, and casual pants.   Nickel allergy symptoms worsen as the temperatures rise, so it was perfect timing to avoid the dreaded itchy belly rash associated with allergic reaction to nickel.  As perspiration causes nickel salts to transfer to the skin more easily, summer symptoms for the nickel allergic can range from mild to severe itching from rashes, welts, hives, or cracks in the skin.  The best solution is to avoid nickel with nickel free products such as this one.

You can choose from sturdy nylon nickel free belts with summer-inspired names like Caribbean Blue, Cherry Red, and Ebony Black.  Just the names summon images of a bright blue sea, succulent sweet cherries, and soft summer nights.  The natural canvas belt sounds cool and classic; a natural colored strap made of durable canvas material.  These versatile and comfortable belts are a perfect choice for anyone with nickel allergies or anybody who just wants a great belt!

Father's Day is coming up soon - would Dad like an assortment of D-ring belts?  Or has he tried our Titanium Work Belt?  Another top seller, this genuine leather strap is handmade in the USA, paired with an aerospace grade titanium buckle, and designed to please the most discriminating belt connoisseur.  Also great for nickel allergic dads are our assortment of nickel free stainless steel watches for men.  Of course for those who don't know exactly what Dad would like, how about an e-gift card from NoNickel so he can choose his own awesome gift?  So easy for both of you with no worries about style or size for you, and no fuss over returns for him! 

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