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If you have nickel allergy, you are probably all too familiar with gambling on whether a new watch/earrings will cause a rash....even if the jewelry is "hypo-allergenic".

Now there is a quick and easy way to test for nickel in jewelry before your skin tells you!  Nickel Alert is a nickel test kit for detecting nickel in watches, belt buckles, earrings and other metal items

Within 15 seconds, you can tell if your jewelry contains nickel.  Simply place a few drops of the solution onto a cotton swab and rub the metal area that will come in contact with your skin.  If the swab turns a pink/red color, you know nickel is present and to take protective measures

Nickel Alert is a ready-to-use dimethylglyoxime (dmg) spot test for nickel and works by picking up oxidized nickel ions.  The nickel test is pre-mixed and pre-measured for both accuracy and convenience.  This reduces mess and inaccurate test results. 

This nickel test is so sensitive that it detects nickel below the threshold of even the most severely nickel allergic individual.

Since the nickel test is quick, easy and safe to use, it is ideal to take with you on you next shopping trip to the mall.  Nickel Alert will not harm metal and can be used to test jewelry for nickel prior to purchasing. 

Save your money and your skin, order Nickel Alert-nickel test kit

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