Spring has finally arrived, after an endless winter filled with dark, dreary, damp days!  Let the sun shine in as you illuminate all the areas in your life where nickel is making an unwelcome appearance. 

 After enduring a long winter, many people are ready to shed their worries and enjoy all that life has to offer now that spring has arrived!  Perhaps itchy nickel allergy rashes have been adding to the gloomy days of winter.  Spring is the perfect time to take charge of those nickel allergy symptoms.  The first step is to reveal the places where nickel is causing problems.  An itchy abdomen likely means there is nickel in belt buckles, belt straps, or buttons and snaps on clothing.  An accurate and easy way to test is a dmg (dimethylglyoxime) spot test such as  Nickel Alert™  which is considered extremely reliable as it detects nickel in levels as low as ten parts per million.  It is safe to use on any metal item and provides fast results.

Once nickel is discovered, there are two ways to resolve future skin contact.  First would be the obvious, get rid of the item - donate, sell, give to friends and family - just don't wear it anymore!  A second choice would be to use Nickel Guard™ to protect the skin from the metal.  Nickel Guard is a lacquer to be brushed onto the metal surfaces of any non-movable item.  With two thin coats, there will be effective barrier protection in place to last through many wearings.  Nickel Guard does wear with time, but can be easily re-applied.  It, too, is safe for any metal item but is not to be used with movable metal parts.  

Needing to replace those "cleaned out" items?  Then it is time to do some spring shopping!  Athena Allergy has a large selection of products that each come with the unconditional guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.  These new tan or russet colored belts are just the right touch for the season.  Whether paired with a titanium buckle on the Mt. Pisgah Casual Tan Titanium belt or a nickel free zinc buckle on the Silver Square Tan belt, these belt straps are a lightened up shade with natural markings and texture to make each one unique.

The Athena Allergy jewelry designer has beaten her winter blues by designing fanciful earrings just for the warmer weather!  If a Spring Break beach trip is on schedule, be sure to pack the enchanting Sea Stars Hypoallergenic Earrings!  All the whimsy, none of the nickel rash!  Other cheerful spring designs include the floral Spring Has Sprung and the romantic Emerging Butterflies Hypoallergenic Earrings. 

Spring also brings important events to most everyone's life.  Whether it is graduation or an early morning soccer match, there is no reason to be late due to an itchy wrist rash from nickel allergy! Watches are notorious for containing nickel on the metal clasps.  Regular wear, especially during the warmer months often brings that itchy nickel rash back in full force.   It's time to be on time and nickel rash free with Certified Nickel Safe Watches. Today's selection of watches on the Athena Allergy website are made of stainless steel which may contain trace amounts of nickel, but the nickel is so tightly bound that it will never test positive for nickel and will never cause a nickel allergic reaction.  Customers can depend upon that guarantee.

With the advent of spring comes another family ritual - the Easter Basket! In speaking with company owner Michael Dow, he asked that customers be reassured about nickel in chocolate.  This is an important concern, especially for parents as they fill those Easter baskets for their children. Chocolate is considered a food item that is high in nickel, but should not pose a problem for the great majority of nickel allergy sufferers.  If a low nickel diet has been recommended by one's allergist, then the much-loved gummy bears may have to replace the chocolate bunny for Easter basket treats.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so clean out those rash inducing accessories and start anew with Athena Allergy.

March is definitely a time of change - the weather shifts from warm and balmy to freezing drizzle in a matter of hours!  Coming in like a lion and (hopefully) going out like a lamb, this is one unpredictable month!  Add in the uncertainty of our favorite basketball picks, the Leprechaun tricks, and the bleary eyes from adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, and March may become our less than favorite month.

But wait, behind those clouds looms a rainbow with a pot of gold!  Today can be your lucky day when leave nickel allergy symptoms in the past and discover a rash free life!  Athena Allergy makes it easy with nickel tests, nickel avoidance, and nickel free products! 

Use the cornerstone of nickel avoidance, Nickel Solution, to test for nickel in metal items then protect the skin from any nickel.  Building on that foundation, buy only Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products to replace those that cause nickel allergy reactions.

Athena Allergy has some great new products that will help you breeze through these blustery March days!  Looking for a little green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Check out the newly listed Chartreuse Surprise Hypoallergenic Earrings for amazing depths of color in sparkling green dichroic glass beads wrapped in silver filigree.  At last check, there were a dozen pairs of earrings in various shades of green that will surely keep the pinches at bay.  With four on the Athena Allergy clearance page, you can also save a little green!

Make sure this volatile month ends like a little lamb, by trying the easy-on-your-skin nickel free belts!  Not only are all of these belts guaranteed to never cause that miserable belly rash from nickel, but most are handcrafted genuine leather.  Some of these belts are so comfortable, you will never know you are wearing a new belt; they are gentle as a lamb in more ways than one!  To see what we mean, try one of these wildly popular belts, the Nickel Free Roan Mountain Belt or the Nickel Free Smoky Mountain Belt!  Maybe you're looking to be a trendsetter at one of the Sweet Sixteen games; you can't go wrong with the Nickel Free Silver Square Tan Belt!  Made from unaltered full grain leather, each belt strap will have unique markings and variation in color that make this attention grabbing belt one-of-a-kind! 

Does the Daylight Savings Time switch leave you groggy and always running behind?  Be prepared with a new watch, so you'll be on time and nickel rash free!  The watch collection at Athena Allergy continues to grow, so check back often for stylish new timepieces.  Athena Allergy has recently re-introduced a popular style, the Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Face.  The mid-size of this watch makes it a good choice for men or women; it is guaranteed to never cause a nickel rash so it is really perfect for anyone with nickel allergy.

March may be a wild ride in many ways, but you can tame your nickel allergy rashes easily with great products from The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy!


NoNickel.com is the heart of nickel free shopping!  Our customers love being nickel rash free and know they can trust our Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products!  If your Valentine's Day shopping includes gifts for a loved one with nickel allergy, keep reading for some helpful hints!

Maybe you're not sure if your special someone is nickel allergic.  Based on recent reports of nickel allergy reactions, contact dermatitis to nickel appears to be a growing affliction.  Symptoms can range from itchy rashes to painful, burning patches of skin that can even form blisters and scars. 

Enduring those symptoms is definitely NOT the anticipated reaction of a Valentine's Day gift!  Careful buyers can learn how to choose wisely to avoid nickel!  NoNickel.com has dozens of great gift ideas that come with the guarantee that they will never cause a nickel allergy rash!

We surveyed our staff and have some personal suggestions on what to buy for this anticipated holiday!  If your Valentine loves earrings, some of our new nickel free earring designs are just amazing!  We really adore the New Look Lavender earrings!  These nickel free earrings have genuine vintage glass beads straight from the 1950's - indulgently feminine and a perfect present!  There are a very limited number of these original creations, so your loved one will have lovely and truly unique dangle earrings to treasure!  Another favorite earring design is Glacier Ice, a perennial winter favorite! Icy blue sapphire glass beads are covered in a silvery mesh and topped with a Swarovski crystal - all nickel rash free and breathtakingly beautiful!

The guys, of course, are talking new belts!  With our large selection of handcrafted genuine leather belts, it was hard to choose.  Top choice for today seems to be the Staff Favorite Belt Set (I guess that should have been obvious!)  Even though this nickel free belt set was introduced several months ago, it remains one of the best sellers for comfort, price, and durability.

Watches remain a traditional choice for this holiday of love!  The current NoNickel watch collection offers classic styles for men and women.  If it is time for your special person to be wrist rash free, this gift will make their day! 

Show your Valentine that you truly understand how uncomfortable it is to suffer from nickel allergy.  Your thoughtfulness is sure to be rewarded!  Hugs and Kisses!  

Allergic to exercise?  We've heard that excuse many times, but it seems some people are allergic to their exercise equipment.  Recent news has been pinpointing the Fitbit Force, a fitness tracker, as a source of nickel allergy reactions!

Fitbit owners state that the surgical stainless steel used in these monitors contains nickel.  As many of our Certified Nickel Safe products are made of stainless steel, we wanted to provide a little more background.  Controls in producing stainless steel are not always as rigid as they should be, often depending upon the location of the manufacturing plant.  In Europe, stainless steel must contain less than .05% nickel ion migration, but other countries have no directives governing the manufacture of this product.  Surgical stainless steel, when correctly produced under rigorous guidelines, results in a product with any nickel being so tightly bound that it will not leach out and contact the skin.  NoNickel products are tested to assure they meet these strict guidelines and come with the guarantee to never test positive for nickel and to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.

While the owners of Fitbit have been quick to respond and are allowing customers to return or exchange these products, it left us wondering about other exercise equipment.  We've heard reports of nickel allergy rashes resulting from using weight lifting equipment and from some heart rate monitors, but with the amount of metal at the gym we questioned if there have been more instances that have been improperly diagnosed.

Sending owner Michael Dow to the gym to investigate was no problem, since he is on a daily exercise regimen.  Looking at the variety of equipment, he notes that most everything is shielded from any nickel plating with the use of padding or other protective coatings.  As only those with hyper-sensitivity to nickel would have issues from occasional touching of uncoated metal, he feels confident in saying that the vast majority of people would have no nickel allergy reactions resulting from gym equipment, even when used on a routine basis.

However, it is important to note that exercise (or more specifically the perspiration from a workout) is associated with the exacerbation of nickel allergy.  Moisture causes a breakdown of nickel ions which penetrate the skin and cause nickel allergy reactions in nickel sensitive individuals. Simply put, working up a good sweat may cause a nickel rash from the metal in your sports watch or sunglasses even when wearing these same items in cool, dry conditions would not create that problem.

Luckily there are easy solutions to the problem of being "allergic to exercise"!    First of all, consult with an allergist or dermatologist who can pinpoint the cause of allergic reactions.  If nickel is the culprit, the best solution is locating the source of the nickel and then avoiding it. 

Nickel Solution™, a kit containing Nickel Alert™ and Nickel Guard™, provides an easy way to detect nickel and then protect the skin from contacting that nickel.  Nickel Alert was developed as the first pre-mixed and pre-measured dimethylglyoxime spot test for nickel to be offered for public sale.  The formula of this easy to use test is highly accurate, detecting nickel in levels as low as 10 parts per million, a threshold below which only a few highly sensitive individuals would experience a reaction.

Nickel Guard, a lacquer that has been clinically recognized for its effectiveness, can be applied to non-movable metal parts that contain nickel.  This lacquer will provide lasting protection for the skin from the nickel in that metal.  Nickel Guard will gradually wear off through repeated use, but can be safely re-applied as often as needed.  With this barrier in place, there are no worries of the skin contacting nickel even in sweaty work-out conditions.

None of us here at NoNickel have the Fitbit Force to make a call on the effectiveness of Nickel Guard on that product, but some of us have used Nickel Guard on our sports watches with great success.  And for those times you like to run with your lucky earrings (that unluckily contain nickel), Nickel Guard will allow you to continue your winning formula. 

But maybe it's time for some new lucky gems - check out our jewelry designer's latest styles!  We love the New Look Lavender Earrings with vintage beads - just exquisite!  Perhaps the Sterling Silver studs are better suited for your exercise routine, though.  We are adding to our hypoallergenic jewelry designs on a regular basis, so keep checking back- we hope titanium earrings are in our future! 

We are also excited to introduce a few new belts - our latest arrivals are the handcrafted Silver Square Tan belt and the Ridgeline Trail Double Pin Roller Belt.  Our belt maker is currently producing some new nickel free belt styles with titanium buckles - from what we've seen you are going to love them.

So, keep healthy with routine exercise and keep nickel allergies at bay with the nickel free solutions at NoNickel.com!






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Shop Santa's Official Nickel Free Workshop for a Sleigh-full of Gift Ideas and Free Shipping, Too!

 Here at NoNickel.com we love the holidays!  Our busiest time of the year is also a lot of fun!  We are excited about all the new belts, earrings, and watches that have been added to our collections.  Customers are happy and enjoying the experience of shopping for nickel free gifts for loved ones.  It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

In keeping with that holiday spirit, we wanted to give a little something more to our customers.  From now until Christmas Day our customers can enjoy free shipping, up to a five dollar value, on every order!  This fully pays for US standard delivery and offers a nice discount for international shipping.

With our speedy elves working long hours in the shipping department, it is not too late to order those fabulous nickel free gifts!  These gifts will be treasured and worn, not stored away or re-gifted!  Nickel allergy sufferers will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into choosing a gift that comes with the guarantee to never cause nickel allergy rash.

But if you have a concern about delivery time, we are pleased to announce that this is the first holiday season we are offering expedited shipping.  Even better, the five dollar discount will be applied to expedited shipping as well!

We launched a new website a few months ago that helps make holiday shopping fast and fun!  Search with speed for exactly what you need!  The only thing that might slow you down will be the increased selection of fabulous products that you will want to take time to see! 

Interested in the hot sellers this year?  Take a look at the Appalachian Mountains Nickel Free Belt Set - the leather in these two belts make them feel like your favorite comfy belts from the first day you wear them.  One black, one brown - both handcrafted in the USA and made of full grain leather.  Our handcrafted "Knob Series" belts were named after several beautiful mountainous locations in our home state of North Carolina.  These belts offer great looks and fine detailing as well.  Chestnut Knob Nickel Free Belt has a versatile combination of brown and black, but there are also a black and a brown belt that can be sold separately or in the Dress Knob Nickel Free Belt Set.  Belt sets make terrific gifts and will be delivered in a festive organza bag!

Just arriving into Santa's Nickel Free Warehouse is the new and unique handmade Silver Square Tan Nickel Free Belt.  The natural texture and color of this full grain leather belt make each belt one-of-a-kind.  Another new belt is the trendy nickel-free Double Pin Roller Black Belt in Genuine Leather.  This style has been a really popular look for us and now is available in strong, durable top grain leather.

Our jewelry elf has been burning the midnight oil bringing back old favorites, including the gorgeous Old Hollywood Glamour hypoallergenic earrings!  We are mesmerized by the amazing sparkle and opulence in these earrings that will never cause a nickel allergic reaction.  To see these and many other hypoallergenic dangle earrings, post earrings, and holiday styles, visit the NoNickel Jewelry Collection!

Of course, we think NoNickel, aka Santa's Official Nickel Free Workshop, is a great place to shop!   Belts, buckles, watches, rings, earrings and more make NoNickel the perfect choice for nickel free gifts for those with nickel allergy but also a terrific place to choose gifts for everyone else on your list.  Visit NoNickel.com today for the Free Shipping discount and a rewarding shopping experience.


Great news just in time for your holiday shopping!  We are happy to announce a reduction in the cost of shipping to our customers in the USA and abroad.  Even though these new shipping charges will continue to be in effect after the holiday season, we felt this was one way we could say "Thank You" to our thousands of customers.  

 Already in effect, our US customers will now pay only a $5.00 flat rate USPS shipping fee, regardless of the number or weight of items purchased!  Shoppers in the fifty states had been paying a $6.00 flat rate that increased with orders over $125.00.  We have added new technology that has simplified our lives as well as making shipping less costly for us and now for you!  We are happy to pass the savings along to our loyal patrons!

International buyers will be paying less for shipping as well.  Shipping to other continents had previously incurred a minimum charge of $18.00, with increases when the value of items purchased tallied over $125.  Now, those shoppers will be paying $16.00 per order, regardless of size, for USPS flat rate shipping.

Last-minute shoppers have been asking us for alternative methods of shipping to allow their gift purchases to arrive on time.  We've been listening and are now happy to offer several new options for even faster delivery.  Choose from UPS Ground, UPS Three-Day Select, UPS Second Day Air, or UPS Next Day Air and be assured your package will arrive in time for your event!  These shipping methods come at an additional cost to the customer; these rates can be viewed and selected at checkout.

Many of us now want to follow our purchase as it makes its way to our doorstep, so NoNickel is also offering package tracking.  A tracking number will be provided along with shipping confirmation to each customer, making it easy to be on the lookout for each anxiously awaited package!

The past year has been full of positive changes at NoNickel!  We are super excited about our new shopping site, our fabulous new products, and the great comments we are hearing from our customers!  If you haven't shopped in a while, be sure to check out the new nickel free leather belts including the New River Black Belt, a full grain leather belt that is so comfortable and Certified Nickel Free™!  A number of our best-selling belts are now combined into gift sets- just perfect for the holidays! Named for the company owner, Mike's Favorite Belt Set combines the enormously popular Water Buffalo Brown Belt and the Mt. Pisgah Black Belt in bridle leather for a set that can provide the finishing touch to anyone's wardrobe! The Dress Knob Belt Set features two handcrafted dress belts in finely detailed top grain leather.

We're also introducing several new nickel free earring designs for the holidays!  Take a look at the whimsical, chic crystal snowmen in red or green scarves!  Needing jewelry for a Thanksgiving event?  We love Fall Harvest Earrings in warm hues perfect for autumn events!  These and more Seasonal Styles can be viewed on the NoNickel site. Make sure you notice the several pairs of nickel free dichroic glass post earrings that are just mesmerizingly beautiful!

Already shopping for your nickel allergic friends and family?  How about a great-looking watch? Watches were last year's hot seller, so plan ahead and  see we have in stock today!  All our watches are top quality timepieces guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash.

Of course, we are happy to continue to offer top selling favorites, such as the popular Black Studded Belt that appeals to teens, women, and men. Our belts will never cause that uncomfortable itchy belly rash, so they are great for you and super as a thoughtful gift!

We are grateful we are able to help as you deal with the daily challenges of nickel allergy, and are thankful for your patronage.





The efforts of the NoNickel staff over the past few months are really starting to pay off!  Our new NoNickel shopping site launched on September 15th and offers an educational experience along with new nickel free products, all designed to make living with nickel allergy manageable, stylish and completely nickel rash free!

With our nickel allergic customers in mind, we created short summaries outlining the metals used in producing the Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products we offer, along with describing the difference between the two.  The most important thing to remember about all the metals used for NoNickel's products is that all of them are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel and never cause a nickel allergic reaction.

Nickel free belts are a top seller at NoNickel, so we put a lot of time into developing an outline describing the Types of Leather used in those belts.  We believe this will be a great tool for shoppers to choose the perfect belt for their individual needs.  While some customers may be looking for a belt to last for years, others may just need something fun and trendy.  No matter the style, cost, or type of leather used, all our belts fall under the same guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy rash.

Time is a precious commodity these days, so we designed our navigation bar and drop down search boxes to facilitate an easy shopping experience that will deliver the perfect belt aligned with the customer's specifications.    From choosing between children's nickel free belts to Big and Tall nickel free belts, to selecting a color, material, width, and price, each option works to bring together exactly what the customer has in mind.

Loyal patrons will be happy to know that their favorite products are still available, along with many new choices in nickel free belts, buckles, watches, and earrings.  If it's been a while since you visited the site, there are a lot of new leather choices in the nickel free belts!  Handmade belt straps have been paired with nickel free buckles to offer such choices as the New River Black Belt, made of full grain leather and incredibly comfortable.  Genuine water buffalo leather has proven extremely popular in the sales of the brown and black water buffalo leather nickel free belts.  Polished bridle leather and top grain leather belts are offering a dressier style, such as the Mt. Pisgah Black Belt and the Elk Knob Brown Belt.

Our jewelry artist has also been busy over the summer months producing new original designs for her Certified Nickel Safe surgical stainless steel earrings.  There are new stainless steel watches, sterling silver earrings, and titanium buckles to round out the fall premiere! 

We hope you will find the new site to be an answer to your nickel allergy needs!  Our goal is to make nickel free shopping easy and to make living with nickel allergy manageable.  We believe this new site takes great strides in that direction!

Can summer break already be coming to an end?  We can't believe the start of a new school year is only days away for some of us!  The past few months have flown by at NoNickel.com.  We are busy at work on projects and products designed to vastly improve your shopping experience with us!

If you haven't checked in during your summer vacation, you may be surprised to see all the new belts in varying styles and leather types that we've added in recent weeks.  Just to get you up-to-speed, here is a quick rundown on our new belts and how they can add to your academic experience!

Make this school year one where you are stylish, comfortable, and nickel rash free!  No one should have to contend with irritating nickel allergy symptoms while they are busy making the Honor Roll!  Students and teachers will definitely find styles of nickel free belts and hypoallergenic jewelry that are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel and never cause a nickel allergy rash!

The belts making the biggest splash since their introduction a few months ago are the Roan Mountain Belt in Brown and the Smoky Mountain Black Belt.  The comfort and durability of these belts is incredible; the first wear makes you feel like this belt is an old favorite.  Made in the USA of genuine sustainable water buffalo, these casual belts are gaining a cult-like following!  Owner Michael Dow is spreading the word, as this is now his personal everyday favorite!

In the market for a dressier, more polished look?  Our Silver Square Belt series comes in black, white, and brown.  A lustrous bridle leather strap is paired with a gleaming silver-toned buckle for a classic and good-looking belt.  This versatile belt is popular with men and women and is making its way into the academic setting as a contender for "Best Dressed"!

Maybe your student is known as an innovative trendsetter in their clothing choices.  Selecting the New River Black Belt would sync with their tendencies to go against the flow!  This casual full grain leather belt is named for the New River - one of the oldest rivers in the world and only one of a few that flows north!  The New River Black Belt has a rippled textured for unique good looks!  Your student can be an individualist while being comfortable and nickel free!

The belt best known for its hot looks is our Burnt Mountain Belt.  Made of top grain leather with subtle embossed flames flickering on the surface, this belt is paired with a stainless steel roller buckle that comes with the guarantee to never cause a nickel allergic reaction.

Parents who are seeking smaller sizes for children who suffer from nickel allergy will be thrilled to know there are several belts sized from 24 to 30 inches.  The Nickel Smart Child's Black belt is a great style for church or to pair with school uniforms; the Double Pin Roller nickel free belts offer a trendier look in smaller sizes.  All our nickel free children's belts are guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash, so itchy abdominal rashes are no longer an excuse for not studying!  

If being on time is a problem for you or your student, NoNickel is offering several new watches for men and women.  Stainless steel and Certified Nickel Safe™, these watches will never cause that itchy wrist rash so common for nickel allergy sufferers.  The Invicta Wildflower watch offers five interchangeable bands in versatile colors to make fashionable coordination easy and rash free.  The men's Stainless Steel diver's watch with a black dial is suitably sized for either men or women. 

Our jewelry artist has also been at work with some new styles, just in time for the school year!  Take a look at what is new on our Nickel Free Jewelry page.  Don't suffer with itchy earlobes when handcrafted, unique and nickel rash free designs are available!

Don't let troublesome nickel allergy rashes have a negative impact on your child's school year. With nickel free products and problem solvers, NoNickel can help! 





The heat of summer creates even more problems with nickel allergy rashes and other uncomfortable symptoms.  Take the plunge into nickel allergy freedom with Certified Nickel Free™ products!  You can celebrate the red, white, and blue by leaving those red itchy rashes in the past!  NoNickel, along with parent company Athena Allergy, can help you achieve lifelong victory over nickel allergy!

 Now is a great time to show your patriotism by buying "Made in the USA"!  Our latest belts and earrings have been handcrafted in the southeastern United States.  Examples of our new belts include the wildly popular Water Buffalo Black Belt and the Water Buffalo Brown belt.  These super soft and supple belt straps are paired with nickel free buckles for your summer comfort!

 Other handcrafted nickel free belts include the Mt. Pisgah Casual Brown belt and the Silver Square White belt.  Like all our belts, these two are guaranteed to be nickel free so you will be nickel allergy symptom-free!  At present, we are offering sixteen handcrafted belts with plans for more in the next few weeks.

We are expanding the types of leather we use for belts straps to include top grain leather, bridle leather, and water buffalo leather.  When you add in the quality nickel free buckles, these belts offer long-lasting wear, comfortable fit, and great looks.

If itchy ear lobes are the summer problem this year, try one of our many Certified Nickel Safe™ surgical steel earrings.  Over fifty different styles have been designed and created by a nickel allergic artist so everyone can locate unique jewelry that comes with the promise to never cause nickel allergy symptoms.

The cornerstone products of Athena Allergy's success are also produced in the United States.   Nickel Solution™, Nickel Alert™, and Nickel Guard™ are formulated and packaged in this country.  In addition to being the foundation of this organization, they are also the building blocks for a successful fight against nickel allergy.  Nickel Solution is a kit containing one each of Nickel Alert, a nickel detection test, and Nickel Guard, a brush-on barrier protection against nickel contact. 

Celebrate this Independence Day with appreciation for all the freedoms we enjoy in this country.  Remember, this July 4th is also a great day to begin independence from nickel allergy symptoms.  Visit Athena Allergy and NoNickel.com for more education on nickel allergy avoidance and for lots of great nickel free products!



With summer just around the corner, it's time to get serious about managing those irritating nickel allergy symptoms.  When temperatures rise, so do the incidences and severity of rashes related to nickel allergy.   No one wants to spend their summer vacation sporting an itchy, red belly button rash!  It is surprising to learn how many men, women, and children suffer from abdominal rashes due to the nickel found on their belt buckles.  Add summer heat and long days of wear into this equation and uncomfortable allergic reactions result.

Nickel allergy symptoms generally appear as moderately to severely itching red rashes at the site of contact with nickel.  Other indications of nickel allergy may include dry and scaly patches of skin, blisters, and swelling.  Continued exposure to nickel may cause skin to change color and become leathery or cracked.  Skin infections sometimes occur as a result of the nickel allergy symptoms. The carefree days of summer are not a time to be weighed down with troublesome and unsightly skin irritations which escalate in warmer months as perspiration readily transfers the nickel salts from metal to the skin.  

NoNickel has solutions for anyone suffering with nickel allergy.  The first step is to identify the source of the nickel allergy, which may not be as easy as it sounds.  As nickel allergy is classified as Type IV allergic contact dermatitis, there could be a delayed reaction between the time the offending metal was worn and the resulting rash.  An itchy belly rash today could be the result of a belt buckle worn up to three days ago.

Rather than using one's skin as the nickel allergy indicator, it is more accurate and certainly more comfortable to use a nickel test kit!  A dimethylglyoxime (dmg) test is the industry standard for detecting nickel.  NoNickel's parent company, Athena Allergy, introduced the first commercially available nickel test kit in 2003.  Nickel Alert™ was also the first pre-mixed and pre-measured dmg spot test available in America.  Unlike the two-step test that may fail with user error, Nickel Alert is accurate and reliable in detecting even minute concentrations of nickel.

Once a positive test is obtained, steps may be taken to either replace the offending metal with one that is truly nickel free or to provide a barrier protection between that metal and the skin.  Nickel Guard™ is a lacquer formulated specifically for the needs of those with sensitive skin.  Its purpose is to provide a barrier so nickel does not contact the skin. Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard are available separately or in Nickel Solution™ a detection and protection kit considered indispensable for anyone with nickel allergy.

NoNickel also provides Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products for those who suffer from nickel allergy.  Both certifications come with the promise that the product will never be the source of nickel allergy reactions.

NoNickel's most popular sellers are their nickel free belts.  After suffering with abdominal rashes, customers are thrilled to learn these belts can be worn for long days with no concern about a nickel reaction developing.  From the Titanium Work Belt designed for hard-driving, physically active professionals to the more sophisticated Black Leather Dress Belt with a Titanium Buckle, every product line offered by NoNickel has been tested to assure there is no nickel in any metal part.  In this way, NoNickel can offer the guarantee that their products will never cause nickel allergy symptoms.  The belts noted in this paragraph may be seen in the pictures above, and more information about these and other titanium products are located on the Nickel Free Titanium Belts, Buckles, and Rings page at NoNickel. Titanium is considered a very safe as well as enduring metal for anyone with nickel allergy.

Over the next several weeks, NoNickel will be introducing several new nickel free belts. Available now is the Silver Square White Belt, pictured on this page and featuring a genuine leather strap that was handcrafted in the USA then paired with a Certified Nickel Free silver-toned buckle for a great new summer look!  Rolling out soon will be a nickel free belt with a handcrafted water buffalo leather belt strap that is so soft and supple it immediately has a comfortable lived-in feel.  More designs and new products are being introduced regularly, so shoppers are advised to visit often to see the latest and get the best deals.

Other favored nickel free products offered by NoNickel include their nickel free jewelry and nickel free watches, and even nickel free buttons and rivets that can be used to replace those on jeans and casual pants.  

Anyone hoping for a carefree and nickel free summer should visit NoNickel.com to see a full line of their nickel free (and guaranteed nickel rash free) products.



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