The Chocolate Easter Bunny - friend or foe? Will the nickel in chocolate spell an end to the Easter Basket?

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Every year just before Easter, the phones at start ringing off their hooks.  Parents and other concerned adults are wondering, "Is it safe to eat chocolate if you have a nickel allergy?  Can I give my nickel allergic child a solid chocolate treat without worry?"

Interesting questions especially since many people consider nickel allergy to be a rash that is confined to the area of skin where the nickel in metal comes into contact.  However, some highly allergic individuals experience systemic contact dermatitis, or a rash appearing in locations other than where the nickel makes contact, or even itching on their hands and feet.  In these cases, there is evidence to suggest that lowering the amount of nickel in their diet could be beneficial.

Michael Dow, company owner, has this to say, "Check with your dermatologist or allergist before giving up chocolate or any foods on the nickel allergy diet.  For the majority of people, nickel in the diet is not a problem.  Only those who are severely allergic to nickel may benefit from this extreme diet. In other words, why give up chocolate if you don't have to?!"

The nickel allergy diet he mentions can be found on our website along with other helpful tips on avoiding nickel. 


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