Athena Allergy and Nickel Solution

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Athena Allergy, Inc., founded in 2003, has a mission to provide unique products to meet underserved markets and is dedicated to enhancing health and the quality of life through these products.  Specifically, Athena Allergy offers Nickel SolutionTM, a unique two-part system that detects nickel in metal items and then protects against a rash, a side effect of nickel contact.  This product stands to serve the 22 million women who are not able to wear jewelry due to nickel sensitivity or allergy.

Athena Allergy, Inc. produces a revolutionary new product, Nickel Solution, which is dedicated to enhancing health and the quality of life of those who suffer from nickel sensitivity or allergy.  Nickel Solution is the result of approximately four decades of dermatology and allergy expertise, and is recommended by leading physicians nationwide.    

Athena Allergy is an employee-owned business located in Huntersville, North Carolina.  Lea Dow, President and Co-Founder of Athena Allergy, has twenty years of experience working in the dermatology and allergy fields of healthcare.  Ms. Dow previously held high-level positions with Ferndale Laboratories of Ferndale, Michigan and Allerderm Laboratories of Phoenix, Arizona where she was responsible for educating physicians and other healthcare providers nationally regarding allergy products and related procedures. 

These positions have contributed to Ms. Dow's in-depth knowledge of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD) and skin allergy diagnostics, treatment, and protection.  Ms. Dow's educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with concentration in finance from the University of California, Sonoma (magna cum laude)



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