Is it possible to avoid foods high in nickel at Thanksgiving, or even on a daily basis?  The answer may be that you don't really need to worry!

Nickel truly is ubiquitous, so it is found in foods we consume each day.  However, allergists agree that only a select few people stand to benefit from a low nickel diet.  There appears to be a relationship between the ingestion of foods high in nickel and problems such as hives and eczema in this small population of individuals. 

For this group, there is good and bad news for holiday dining!  The best news is that one day of indulging isn't likely to sidetrack any type of diet!  So, go ahead and enjoy your holiday meals with loved ones.  If your allergist is recommending a strict diet, you already know that meat and poultry are not considered a source of nickel in the diet, so you can treat yourself to the main course with no worries!

Typically, the following items are recommended for avoidance or moderation on the Low Nickel Diet:  cocoa, chocolate, oatmeal, nuts, fresh and dried legumes, beer, red wine, onions, tomatoes, raw carrots, and most all canned foods.  Canned foods may leech nickel from the can itself and should be avoided.  The avoidance of tea and coffee may be recommended for a low nickel diet, but some studies suggest that one or two cups of these beverages on a daily basis should not cause a problem.

If an individual has allergic contact dermatitis to nickel with symptoms such as a red, itchy rash at the site of the metal contact, there may be no reason to avoid nickel in the diet.  Often there is not a correlation between allergic contact dermatitis and systemic nickel allergy resulting from nickel ingestion.  If there is concern about nickel in the diet exacerbating one's nickel allergy, a visit to the allergist is recommended.

Athena Allergy, Inc. is a company you can trust to get the products you need to live a life without nickel allergy symptoms.  Established over eleven years ago, Athena Allergy owners introduced the first pre-mixed and pre-measured nickel test kit to allow easy and accurate nickel detection at home.  Nickel Alert™, the dimethylglyoxime spot test for nickel, and Nickel Guard™ are the building blocks to a nickel free life.  Test for nickel in metals with Nickel Alert, then protect the skin with the clinically proven nickel barrier, Nickel Guard™.   For convenience, these products are sold together as Nickel Solution™, although they are also available for individual purchase.

Earlier this fall, Athena Allergy introduced a new website with customer information and navigation as their focus.  A visit to this site provides answers to questions about nickel allergy symptoms and prevention.  The "cure" for nickel allergy is to avoid nickel, so the products offered by Athena Allergy are tested in their laboratory to assure there is no nickel present to cause a reaction.

Incidences of nickel allergy symptoms from belt buckles seem to be increasing  exponentially.  In response, Athena Allergy offers an array of nickel free belt buckles with a focus on titanium buckles.  Titanium is recommended by allergists for most any type of metal allergy.  There is also a large selection of zinc belt buckles which are guaranteed safe for anyone who suffers from nickel allergy. 

With the addition of a regional leather craftsman to the Athena Allergy family, there are many new styles of genuine leather nickel free belts that have been handmade in the USA.  Most recent additions to the belt line include the Pilot Mountain Nickel Free Brown Belt.  Made of genuine Latigo leather, which is most often used for bridles and other equestrian gear, this belt is made to last!  By customer request, Athena Allergy has listed a handcrafted, nickel free gun belt.  Made of heavy duty bridle leather and paired with a titanium buckle, AJ's Gun Belt is guaranteed for a lifetime! 

The jewelry artist who crafts hypoallergenic earrings, bracelets, and necklaces for Athena Allergy has many new creations as well.  With an eye on the coming holidays, the Hypoallergenic Seasonal Earrings offer autumn, winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas designs. 

A visit to the newly re-designed Athena Allergy site will offer something for every nickel allergic individual, and in reality, has something for everyone., owned by Athena Allergy, Inc. is proud to support breast cancer research and programs by donating a portion of sales of their Pretty in Pink Belt to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The story on how this came into play starts with an employee of who spent her Saturday at the Race for the Cure.  Her involvement in the race heightened her awareness for the need to help women through the process of being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.  In addition to posting a finish time that placed her fifth in her age group, she went on to dedicate the remainder of the day to volunteering at the event.

When asked about her feelings during the race, she commented "It was awesome! With the involvement of over 20,000 people in the event, it was so inspiring to see the sea of pink against our Carolina Blue skies!"  She went on to say she was able to witness many survivors who crossed the finish line, further cementing her decision to be involved in this cause.

Even before the race, she was thinking of ways to benefit this charity.  Seeing NoNickel's Pretty in PInk Belt, she knew it was destined to play a part in raising money for breast cancer programs.  At her suggestion, NoNickel was happy to step up and agree to donate a percentage of the sales of this belt during the month of October.

The purchase of this nickel free belt allows customers to contribute to the work of this charity along with enabling them to wear PINK, the color of support! As most people have seen friends and family battle breast cancer, everyone seems more than ready to do their part for this suffering to come to an end.  Wearing pink shows support, and buying the Pretty in Pink belt will send dollars to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

For those who are looking to add even more pink to their wardrobe, NoNickel has a variety of hypoallergenic, handmade pink earrings!  The newly designed hypoallergenic  Princess in Waiting Earrings feature Swarovski Pink Aurora Borealis Cubes enhanced with rhinestone rondelles. Like all the earrings from NoNickel and Athena Allergy, these earrings come with the guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy rash!

Other pink jewelry includes Pastel Pearls Bracelets, with the hypoallergenic, handcrafted pink bracelet being the perfect show of support! The stretchy band offers comfort with no clasps, at an amazingly affordable price!

NoNickel owners note they are proud to be associated with friends and co-workers who so willingly give of themselves to benefit others in need.  They are hopeful their customers will rally around the cause as everyone works together to contribute in some way for the cure to breast cancer!

Breaking news today implicates nickel found in the metal case of an iPad as the cause of a young boy's allergic reaction.  This child had apparently been using an uncovered iPad daily; a positive nickel test result linked the device to the youngster's uncomfortable rash. 

As more medical journals report the relationship between electronic devices and nickel allergy rashes, consumers are questioning what can be done to prevent those reactions.  A review of discussion boards reveals that cell phones, tablets, and laptops* are getting the blame for increasing nickel allergy symptoms including itchy rashes, cracked, leathery or swollen skin, and blisters. 

Nickel avoidance is the only way to resolve the symptoms of nickel allergy.  The first step is always to locate the source.  Test for nickel with Nickel Alert™ which is a dmg spot test, the industry standard for nickel detection. Athena Allergy introduced Nickel Alert as the first commercially available, pre-mixed nickel test, formulated in the USA. 

Nickel Alert is a safe, easy, and extremely accurate nickel test.  It is sensitive enough to detect the presence of free nickel at a level as low as 10 parts per million, a threshold below which only extremely sensitive individuals would react.  Nickel Alert is safe to use on any metal without harm to the item being tested.  Simply apply a few drops of the dimethyglyoxime liquid to a cotton swab.  Rub the metal firmly for a few seconds.  If a pink or red color develops on the swab, nickel has been detected.

The second step to nickel avoidance is to place a barrier between the metal that contains nickel and the skin.  For many electronic devices, that could be as simple as a cell phone or tablet cover, which is probably recommended for that device anyway.

There is some equipment that would be difficult to protect either through a cover or through barrier protection products such as Nickel Guard™.  Nickel Guard is a protective lacquer that may be brushed onto metal and has been clinically proven to provide effective barrier protection even for sensitive skin, without the use of formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. While Nickel Guard is an excellent way to protect the skin from nickel in smaller, non-movable items such as earrings and eyeglass frames, it is not recommended for movable parts.  If it is not feasible to protect the skin from the metal in electronic devices, replacing those items would be recommended to avoid the severe reactions that may result from continued use.  Whenever possible, contact the manufacturer to determine materials that are used or test the metal in the device prior to purchase to assure there is no nickel.

Earlier this year, Fitbit recalled one of its fitness monitors, the Force wristband, after customers complained about skin irritation. Recognizing that the nickel found in a metal part of the band could be the source of the health concerns, Fitbit voluntarily recalled the product.  Additionally, this company was quick to respond with offers of refunds or replacements to customers who had been afflicted.

Perhaps the incidences of nickel allergy are becoming more of an American problem. In a seemingly successful attempt to curtail burgeoning nickel allergy cases, The European Union enacted the Nickel Directive.   In effect for a number of years, this regulation limits the use of nickel in metals intended to come into direct and prolonged contact with the skin.  Nickel is often used as it is very durable, lustrous, and inexpensive.  It alloys well with other metals giving them these seemingly desirable properties.  Dermatologist reports indicate a reduction in numbers of nickel allergy cases in Europe since these regulations went into effect.

Nickel allergy is a very real concern with debilitating symptoms.  These symptoms will disappear over a period of several days once the contact with nickel has ceased.  However, discerning the presence of nickel then protecting the body from that nickel is not always an easy process.  It is validating for nickel allergy sufferers to finally be heard by the medical community and to know that some companies are responding by taking these health concerns seriously. 

For anyone who has experienced the uncomfortable symptoms of nickel allergy, it is also helpful to know there are organizations that exist to supply products such as nickel free belts and nickel free jewelry, along with nickel test kits to alleviate their suffering.When possible, test all metals for nickel.  Avoid metals that contain nickel, either through barrier protection or by replacing those items with those that are guaranteed to be nickel free either through testing or through trustworthy sites such as Athena Allergy or  These companies batch test their products then offer them with a money back guarantee that they will never test positive for nickel. 

*Manufacturers use materials for their products from a myriad of sources. Detecting nickel in one iPhone 5 (as we did in our office) does not mean all iPhone 5s will contain nickel.  Testing should be an individual process.  We plan to continue testing our electronics, but the first two products tested revealed a negative nickel test for an iPad 3 along with the positive nickel test of the iPhone 5.

It's no coincidence that just as you're ready to enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer, your nickel allergy rashes start to sideline your activities.   As the temperatures rise, so do incidences of nickel allergy rash.  The reason is simple - perspiration allows the nickel salts found in many metals to more easily transfer to the skin.

The relentless itch of nickel allergy rash puts the fizzle in summer sizzle and we don't have to tell you that red abdominal rashes during swimsuit season are a fashion flub!  Nickel allergy symptoms generally present as a rash on the skin at the place of nickel contact.  These rashes may be moderately to severely itchy and may worsen to include blisters, or patches of dry skin that may resemble a burn as well as have a burning sensation.

There are several ways to avoid the summer itch of nickel allergy year round.  The best way to assure that there will be no nickel rash is to purchase items that have been tested and are guaranteed to be nickel free.  NoNickel and parent company Athena Allergy offer a wide assortment of Certified Nickel Free™ products that are guaranteed to be free of nickel for the life of the product. Our companies are proud to offer many handcrafted nickel free belts and hypoallergenic earrings made in the USA.   In addition, there are titanium products that come with a lifetime guarantee against defects, breakage, and nickel content.  Titanium belts, buckles, and rings are the best choice for anyone with multiple metal allergies as titanium has extremely low allergenicity and incidences of allergy to titanium are extremely rare.

Great summer belt choices include our fun and fanciful genuine leather belts, the nickel free Wildflower and Woodlands Genuine Leather Belts.  These handcrafted belts have a tan background with colorful images added for a whimsical touch and are now on sale at great prices.

The White Silver Square Belt is a popular genuine leather nickel free golf belt, but is also great for any warmer weather wear!  Nickel allergy rashes should never hamper your swing!  The new Silver Square Titanium Belt Set features smaller, very lightweight titanium buckles adorning handcrafted full grain leather straps - their lighter feel is perfect for hot summer days..  These two items are also featured in the summer sale - so the timing is right for a new, nickel free look!

Nickel allergy symptoms are definitely not confined to the abdomen.  Most women with nickel allergy have suffered with itchy earlobes due to the nickel content in cute summer earrings.  The good news is you don't have to give up trendy earrings just because you have nickel allergy!  Athena Allergy and NoNickel have dozens of handcrafted dangle earrings along with sterling silver hoops and posts.  All these earrings are guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.  Half the fun is in making the selection, there are so many from which to choose!  Take a look at the Seasonal Hypoallergenic Earrings for a small sampling of what's hot for summer!

Another excellent way to avoid nickel is to test metal items, then when practical use a barrier protectant.  Nickel Solution™ is THE solution for summer nickel rashes!  This kit contains Nickel Alert™, a dmg spot test that accurately, safely, and quickly tests any metal for nickel.  Nickel Guard™ is also contained in the Nickel Solution kit and is a lacquer that provides proven protection from nickel in metal.  Nickel Guard can be safely brushed onto non-movable metal items for lasting protection.

The best plan of defense is to act before the symptoms begin.  Once a nickel rash has erupted, it can take days or weeks to heal even after the offending metal has been removed.  Don't let the itch of nickel allergy ruin your summer plans when you can opt for trendsetting nickel free fashion from The Nickel Allergy Experts.  

A surprising number of men are reporting nickel allergy symptoms; we are unsure whether this is related to better education about the condition, or increased exposure to nickel which causes sensitization.  Some occupations involve ongoing nickel contact which may lead to nickel allergy.  Numbers may also be rising due to the growing popularity of piercings among men, as piercings can readily introduce nickel into the body through the piercing gun or the nickel content in body jewelry. 

We get to hear a lot of stories from men who are trying to cope with those uncomfortable nickel allergy symptoms - abdominal rash and itching, swollen skin, red blisters and more!  From tucking in shirts to try to avoid belt buckle contact, to using duct tape over jean rivets, they are learning that these solutions just aren't working.  The reason is particularly evident in summer as perspiration will allow the nickel salts to readily contact the skin, through all kinds of material.  Some men are so sensitive that even on the coldest of days, their skin will react to nickel contact.

Men are accustomed to either delaying treatment or trying to resolve health issues on their own, but this one problem that can be so easily remedied!  If you have a dad or family member who has been suffering in silence with the dreaded itchy belly syndrome, it's time to buy him a nickel free belt and see what a difference it makes in his life. 

Our belt craftsman has been hard at work this year, creating lots of new belts in a variety of leathers.  Many of these belts have titanium buckles, so if dad has multiple metal allergies, titanium will most likely be the perfect answer for no more rashy abdomen.    

Our ever-popular Silver Square Belts have just increased in number with the addition of the Silver Square Titanium Belt Set!  This set would make an amazing gift for any dad, but will be long appreciated and often worn by that dad with nickel allergy!  The belt straps are handcrafted of genuine full grain leather for timeless appeal and comfort!  The titanium buckle is the answer for almost anyone with any type of metal allergy as allergy to titanium is extremely rare.  In addition, this belt set now comes with a lifetime guarantee!  While we can't guarantee that dad will always be the same size, we can guarantee that this belt set will last for as long as he wears it!  We will replace the belt if there are ever any defects or breakage, making this belt set a practical choice!  With one black leather strap and one brown leather strap, both belts in classic styles, this set may end the search for additional nickel free belts for dad!  You will win the brownie points this year!

For the golfer dad, make sure his outings are in nickel free style with the Silver Square White Belt!  For the artistic dad who likes to mix things up a bit, how about the Swashbuckler Belt with the skull and crossbones design?  If your father is the suave sophisticate, his nickel free selection might be the Genuine Leather Titanium/Carbon Fiber Belt!    Athena Allergy/NoNickel has so many new designs along with the perennial favorites, there are sure to be one or more hypoallergenic belts that will make dad's day! 

Father's Day is June 15th, so if you need your belt quickly, NoNickel now offers expedited shipping!  

If mom trusts Athena Allergy for the family throughout the year, that should be a strong indicator to shop Athena Allergy for the perfect Mother's Day gift!

The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy/NoNickel spend a lot of time speaking with customers about nickel allergy problems.  Frequently, those customers are moms trying to help their children overcome the uncomfortable nickel allergy symptoms that include intensely itchy rashes!  Frequently located in the abdominal area where belt buckles or jean rivets contact the skin, or on the earlobes as a result of wearing earrings, these red rashes drive kids crazy and moms to find solutions!

Athena Allergy is happy to be a resource for moms and anyone who needs assistance in managing nickel allergy.  In order to relieve nickel allergy symptoms, the only "cure" is avoiding nickel!   Athena Allergy  proudly offers the Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™  brands designed for customers with nickel allergy. These products are carefully selected (often hand-crafted) then batch-tested to assure that they will never cause nickel allergy reactions.  To that end, these brands come with a mom-approved guarantee - no nickel rash or your money back! 

The Athena Allergy website offers great tips on living with nickel allergy, but more importantly they list a huge inventory of nickel free belts, many of which are handcrafted genuine leather belts!  Other products include handcrafted hypoallergenic earrings, nickel free jeans rivets, nickel free buckles, watches, and so much more!

Take a hint from Mom and shop Athena Allergy for Mother's Day gifts!  Shopping is easy, shipping is fast, and if mom has nickel allergy, the kudos will keep coming!  The dichroic glass earrings have been extremely well received.  Silver Linings Earrings are one staff mom's favorites!  These earrings are beautifully brilliant on their own, but will also reflect other colors making them great matches for many outfits.  Best of all, this mom says she often goes to bed still wearing the earrings.  Anyone who has had nickel rashes from earrings knows this is quite a testimony to the itch-free quality!  With the variety of styles, lengths, and designs, it should be easy to find the perfect pair of nickel free earrings for mom!

As the temperatures rise, so do incidences of nickel allergy.  Simply stated, perspiration is the conduit for nickel salts to readily contact the skin.  Those who are allergic to nickel will then experience an allergic reaction.  A common summertime malady is wrist rash from nickel.  Athena Allergy has a watch selection that is guaranteed to keep the wrist rash-free! 

The belt catalog has many new additions, including several nickel free belts with titanium buckles.  Titanium is a great product for anyone with nickel allergy.  Dermatologists recommend titanium for those with multiple metal allergies due to its extremely low allergenicity.    The popular Silver Square Belt series now comes with titanium buckles!  These nickel free belts have a loyal following that is sure to grow with the addition of the Silver Square Titanium Black Belt and Silver Square Titanium Brown Belt. 

Loyal shoppers of Athena Allergy will be pleased to hear that this company will soon be upgrading their website to offer the same search selections that is currently available on their NoNickel site.  Designed to improve the shopping experience for customers, this upgrade should take place within the next few months.  

Athena Allergy is striving to keep mom happy and to assure all customers that there is a trusted source for current information and functional, stylish nickel free products.


Spring has finally arrived, after an endless winter filled with dark, dreary, damp days!  Let the sun shine in as you illuminate all the areas in your life where nickel is making an unwelcome appearance. 

 After enduring a long winter, many people are ready to shed their worries and enjoy all that life has to offer now that spring has arrived!  Perhaps itchy nickel allergy rashes have been adding to the gloomy days of winter.  Spring is the perfect time to take charge of those nickel allergy symptoms.  The first step is to reveal the places where nickel is causing problems.  An itchy abdomen likely means there is nickel in belt buckles, belt straps, or buttons and snaps on clothing.  An accurate and easy way to test is a dmg (dimethylglyoxime) spot test such as  Nickel Alert™  which is considered extremely reliable as it detects nickel in levels as low as ten parts per million.  It is safe to use on any metal item and provides fast results.

Once nickel is discovered, there are two ways to resolve future skin contact.  First would be the obvious, get rid of the item - donate, sell, give to friends and family - just don't wear it anymore!  A second choice would be to use Nickel Guard™ to protect the skin from the metal.  Nickel Guard is a lacquer to be brushed onto the metal surfaces of any non-movable item.  With two thin coats, there will be effective barrier protection in place to last through many wearings.  Nickel Guard does wear with time, but can be easily re-applied.  It, too, is safe for any metal item but is not to be used with movable metal parts.  

Needing to replace those "cleaned out" items?  Then it is time to do some spring shopping!  Athena Allergy has a large selection of products that each come with the unconditional guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.  These new tan or russet colored belts are just the right touch for the season.  Whether paired with a titanium buckle on the Mt. Pisgah Casual Tan Titanium belt or a nickel free zinc buckle on the Silver Square Tan belt, these belt straps are a lightened up shade with natural markings and texture to make each one unique.

The Athena Allergy jewelry designer has beaten her winter blues by designing fanciful earrings just for the warmer weather!  If a Spring Break beach trip is on schedule, be sure to pack the enchanting Sea Stars Hypoallergenic Earrings!  All the whimsy, none of the nickel rash!  Other cheerful spring designs include the floral Spring Has Sprung and the romantic Emerging Butterflies Hypoallergenic Earrings. 

Spring also brings important events to most everyone's life.  Whether it is graduation or an early morning soccer match, there is no reason to be late due to an itchy wrist rash from nickel allergy! Watches are notorious for containing nickel on the metal clasps.  Regular wear, especially during the warmer months often brings that itchy nickel rash back in full force.   It's time to be on time and nickel rash free with Certified Nickel Safe Watches. Today's selection of watches on the Athena Allergy website are made of stainless steel which may contain trace amounts of nickel, but the nickel is so tightly bound that it will never test positive for nickel and will never cause a nickel allergic reaction.  Customers can depend upon that guarantee.

With the advent of spring comes another family ritual - the Easter Basket! In speaking with company owner Michael Dow, he asked that customers be reassured about nickel in chocolate.  This is an important concern, especially for parents as they fill those Easter baskets for their children. Chocolate is considered a food item that is high in nickel, but should not pose a problem for the great majority of nickel allergy sufferers.  If a low nickel diet has been recommended by one's allergist, then the much-loved gummy bears may have to replace the chocolate bunny for Easter basket treats.

Spring is a time of new beginnings, so clean out those rash inducing accessories and start anew with Athena Allergy.

March is definitely a time of change - the weather shifts from warm and balmy to freezing drizzle in a matter of hours!  Coming in like a lion and (hopefully) going out like a lamb, this is one unpredictable month!  Add in the uncertainty of our favorite basketball picks, the Leprechaun tricks, and the bleary eyes from adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, and March may become our less than favorite month.

But wait, behind those clouds looms a rainbow with a pot of gold!  Today can be your lucky day when leave nickel allergy symptoms in the past and discover a rash free life!  Athena Allergy makes it easy with nickel tests, nickel avoidance, and nickel free products! 

Use the cornerstone of nickel avoidance, Nickel Solution, to test for nickel in metal items then protect the skin from any nickel.  Building on that foundation, buy only Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products to replace those that cause nickel allergy reactions.

Athena Allergy has some great new products that will help you breeze through these blustery March days!  Looking for a little green to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  Check out the newly listed Chartreuse Surprise Hypoallergenic Earrings for amazing depths of color in sparkling green dichroic glass beads wrapped in silver filigree.  At last check, there were a dozen pairs of earrings in various shades of green that will surely keep the pinches at bay.  With four on the Athena Allergy clearance page, you can also save a little green!

Make sure this volatile month ends like a little lamb, by trying the easy-on-your-skin nickel free belts!  Not only are all of these belts guaranteed to never cause that miserable belly rash from nickel, but most are handcrafted genuine leather.  Some of these belts are so comfortable, you will never know you are wearing a new belt; they are gentle as a lamb in more ways than one!  To see what we mean, try one of these wildly popular belts, the Nickel Free Roan Mountain Belt or the Nickel Free Smoky Mountain Belt!  Maybe you're looking to be a trendsetter at one of the Sweet Sixteen games; you can't go wrong with the Nickel Free Silver Square Tan Belt!  Made from unaltered full grain leather, each belt strap will have unique markings and variation in color that make this attention grabbing belt one-of-a-kind! 

Does the Daylight Savings Time switch leave you groggy and always running behind?  Be prepared with a new watch, so you'll be on time and nickel rash free!  The watch collection at Athena Allergy continues to grow, so check back often for stylish new timepieces.  Athena Allergy has recently re-introduced a popular style, the Stainless Steel Watch with Blue Face.  The mid-size of this watch makes it a good choice for men or women; it is guaranteed to never cause a nickel rash so it is really perfect for anyone with nickel allergy.

March may be a wild ride in many ways, but you can tame your nickel allergy rashes easily with great products from The Nickel Allergy Experts at Athena Allergy! is the heart of nickel free shopping!  Our customers love being nickel rash free and know they can trust our Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ products!  If your Valentine's Day shopping includes gifts for a loved one with nickel allergy, keep reading for some helpful hints!

Maybe you're not sure if your special someone is nickel allergic.  Based on recent reports of nickel allergy reactions, contact dermatitis to nickel appears to be a growing affliction.  Symptoms can range from itchy rashes to painful, burning patches of skin that can even form blisters and scars. 

Enduring those symptoms is definitely NOT the anticipated reaction of a Valentine's Day gift!  Careful buyers can learn how to choose wisely to avoid nickel! has dozens of great gift ideas that come with the guarantee that they will never cause a nickel allergy rash!

We surveyed our staff and have some personal suggestions on what to buy for this anticipated holiday!  If your Valentine loves earrings, some of our new nickel free earring designs are just amazing!  We really adore the New Look Lavender earrings!  These nickel free earrings have genuine vintage glass beads straight from the 1950's - indulgently feminine and a perfect present!  There are a very limited number of these original creations, so your loved one will have lovely and truly unique dangle earrings to treasure!  Another favorite earring design is Glacier Ice, a perennial winter favorite! Icy blue sapphire glass beads are covered in a silvery mesh and topped with a Swarovski crystal - all nickel rash free and breathtakingly beautiful!

The guys, of course, are talking new belts!  With our large selection of handcrafted genuine leather belts, it was hard to choose.  Top choice for today seems to be the Staff Favorite Belt Set (I guess that should have been obvious!)  Even though this nickel free belt set was introduced several months ago, it remains one of the best sellers for comfort, price, and durability.

Watches remain a traditional choice for this holiday of love!  The current NoNickel watch collection offers classic styles for men and women.  If it is time for your special person to be wrist rash free, this gift will make their day! 

Show your Valentine that you truly understand how uncomfortable it is to suffer from nickel allergy.  Your thoughtfulness is sure to be rewarded!  Hugs and Kisses!  

Allergic to exercise?  We've heard that excuse many times, but it seems some people are allergic to their exercise equipment.  Recent news has been pinpointing the Fitbit Force, a fitness tracker, as a source of nickel allergy reactions!

Fitbit owners state that the surgical stainless steel used in these monitors contains nickel.  As many of our Certified Nickel Safe products are made of stainless steel, we wanted to provide a little more background.  Controls in producing stainless steel are not always as rigid as they should be, often depending upon the location of the manufacturing plant.  In Europe, stainless steel must contain less than .05% nickel ion migration, but other countries have no directives governing the manufacture of this product.  Surgical stainless steel, when correctly produced under rigorous guidelines, results in a product with any nickel being so tightly bound that it will not leach out and contact the skin.  NoNickel products are tested to assure they meet these strict guidelines and come with the guarantee to never test positive for nickel and to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.

While the owners of Fitbit have been quick to respond and are allowing customers to return or exchange these products, it left us wondering about other exercise equipment.  We've heard reports of nickel allergy rashes resulting from using weight lifting equipment and from some heart rate monitors, but with the amount of metal at the gym we questioned if there have been more instances that have been improperly diagnosed.

Sending owner Michael Dow to the gym to investigate was no problem, since he is on a daily exercise regimen.  Looking at the variety of equipment, he notes that most everything is shielded from any nickel plating with the use of padding or other protective coatings.  As only those with hyper-sensitivity to nickel would have issues from occasional touching of uncoated metal, he feels confident in saying that the vast majority of people would have no nickel allergy reactions resulting from gym equipment, even when used on a routine basis.

However, it is important to note that exercise (or more specifically the perspiration from a workout) is associated with the exacerbation of nickel allergy.  Moisture causes a breakdown of nickel ions which penetrate the skin and cause nickel allergy reactions in nickel sensitive individuals. Simply put, working up a good sweat may cause a nickel rash from the metal in your sports watch or sunglasses even when wearing these same items in cool, dry conditions would not create that problem.

Luckily there are easy solutions to the problem of being "allergic to exercise"!    First of all, consult with an allergist or dermatologist who can pinpoint the cause of allergic reactions.  If nickel is the culprit, the best solution is locating the source of the nickel and then avoiding it. 

Nickel Solution™, a kit containing Nickel Alert™ and Nickel Guard™, provides an easy way to detect nickel and then protect the skin from contacting that nickel.  Nickel Alert was developed as the first pre-mixed and pre-measured dimethylglyoxime spot test for nickel to be offered for public sale.  The formula of this easy to use test is highly accurate, detecting nickel in levels as low as 10 parts per million, a threshold below which only a few highly sensitive individuals would experience a reaction.

Nickel Guard, a lacquer that has been clinically recognized for its effectiveness, can be applied to non-movable metal parts that contain nickel.  This lacquer will provide lasting protection for the skin from the nickel in that metal.  Nickel Guard will gradually wear off through repeated use, but can be safely re-applied as often as needed.  With this barrier in place, there are no worries of the skin contacting nickel even in sweaty work-out conditions.

None of us here at NoNickel have the Fitbit Force to make a call on the effectiveness of Nickel Guard on that product, but some of us have used Nickel Guard on our sports watches with great success.  And for those times you like to run with your lucky earrings (that unluckily contain nickel), Nickel Guard will allow you to continue your winning formula. 

But maybe it's time for some new lucky gems - check out our jewelry designer's latest styles!  We love the New Look Lavender Earrings with vintage beads - just exquisite!  Perhaps the Sterling Silver studs are better suited for your exercise routine, though.  We are adding to our hypoallergenic jewelry designs on a regular basis, so keep checking back- we hope titanium earrings are in our future! 

We are also excited to introduce a few new belts - our latest arrivals are the handcrafted Silver Square Tan belt and the Ridgeline Trail Double Pin Roller Belt.  Our belt maker is currently producing some new nickel free belt styles with titanium buckles - from what we've seen you are going to love them.

So, keep healthy with routine exercise and keep nickel allergies at bay with the nickel free solutions at!







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